Meditation #1

Piece #1

For my first piece, I used a combination of two of the Creative Reading techniques. First, I decided on ‘dueling books’ and wanted to try to mash up two different pieces of writing. For this purpose, I used President Obama’s recent State of the Union address and the Republican Response from Senator Joni Ernst. To help combine them, I used the ‘cut-up’ method. Basically, I printed out random selections of text from each speech, cut them up, mixed them together, and, with a small amount of editing, created a new piece. In doing this, I hoped the result would show how little of difference there is between Republican and Democrat and how mind-numbing partisan politics can be. Here is the result:

Cut-up selections from the State of the Union and response.

Cut-up selections from the SOTU and response.

Selections from the State of the Union and response.

Selections from the State of the Union and response.









Your Priorities

I’d like to talk about your priorities. Now we’re getting to outsourcing, and draw new jobs to our shores. The Republic Congress you just elected have created more than 11 million new Americans have been hurting, but when we responded with the same stale mindset that mindset gave us political talking points. That’s why the new Republican majority live the American Dream ensuring that every veteran has access to Congress to make it function again. We believed we could reverse the tide of health insurance and protect our planet. We heard the message you sent with government shutdowns or of families at risk in defense of our freedoms. So the verdict is CLEAR. America, let me repeat: I’d like to talk about your priorities.


Piece #2

My second piece was inspired by the “trickle-down” method of transposing. For this, I grabbed a book off of my shelf: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. Then I made a poem by drawing a river down through the paragraphs on the page. I intentionally selected where the river would flow, but all of the words came from each line of the text. I adjusted the formatting and punctuation of the poem. The result is below:

My river down page 1 of Jane Eyre.

My river down page 1 of Jane Eyre.



No possibility, indeed,

since the cold –

so penetrating.


Especially dreadful:

A heart humbled,

and now she lay about –

perfectly happy.

Me saying that I was



really contented.


I asked questioners:

Be silent.


Piece #3

My last piece is prose poetry drawn from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. For this, I drew from the Creative Reading technique of changing single words. I took out every other word in a passage from Gatsby and inserted words of my own. I believe that it brings a new view on an iconic scene and image – that of the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg. The only word I did not replace after elimination was “T.J.” because I thought it would detract from the poem to invent my own first name. The result is below:

The original Gatsby text that I drew from.

The original Gatsby text that I drew from.

The Eyes

But often the barren landscape, with the dribble of fluttering dust, does drift up over me, you reader, and after one moment, the fierce eyes of Doctor Eckleburg. Those eyes that Doctor Eckleburg created blue yet gigantic – those retinas are one two high. I look there of that face, reader, instead, and a cacophony of bright yellow images which appear over that non-existent stare. Evidently the wild visions of mad oculist blind them for to salvage his sanity, and then go down down into eternal blindness, he forgot humanity and carry away. Finally under those eyes, finally a glimpse by method paintless flies under night and day, brood fiercely over the solemn barren ground.


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