Meditation #7

My experience with Twitter is fairly limited. I had maintained one for about a year under the handle @goforthegolio before deleting it. A few months ago, however, I recreated my Twitter for one purpose: to complain to Target about some curtains I had ordered. This can be seen here: This one tweet, and my naiveté in actually expecting my tweet against Target to get anywhere, served as the inspiration for my meditation.

I found it interesting that social media, despite the optimistic view of it as a place for free expression and communication, has become, at least for me, yet another space for capitalism and corporate advertising. I decided to make a Twitter account to satirize this – a place for my interactions with faceless corporations. In this way, I hoped to comment on the corporatization (not sure if that’s a word) of social media in a humorous way.

Thus, @ThAngryConsumer was born. My method was fairly straightforward – I just recorded my interactions with several businesses and complained about small, inane things by tagging their Twitter accounts in the post. Disclaimer: some of these were staged.

My completed project can be found at the following link:

Twitter was the perfect “space” for this project because it allowed me to interact directly with the businesses, but still be somewhat public. In essence, it becomes more of a public shaming than just sending an email, etc. I am very curious to see what reactions this elicits. I have thought about whether or not the companies might contact me about my concerns and what they might do – offer a voucher for something free, etc. More than likely though, they’ll just ignore it. As far as other normal people, I think the page will only get a few smiles, perhaps if I do well and succeed in making it very funny, a few followers. It’s more meant to just poke a little fun at we interact on the Internet – it’s not the kind of piece that would garner over-the-top reactions. It’s rather tame. Hopefully, it’ll make people think about their own interactions on social media, particularly with companies. I’m very excited to get some reactions, and I’ll update this post with what happens.


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